StopNow Multistopwatch Results

The lastest version of StopNow is now available from the Windows Store. It has a new results view for the multi stopwatch mode, providing you with all the information you need.

You open the results view from the bottom app bar:


The results view offers three different tabs:

The overall ranking

On the ranking tab, you see the different stopwatch ranked by overall time. You can also see the overall time of each and the time difference to the first stopwatch.


The Details

On the details tab you see a table of every stopwatch and every round. You can choose whether you want to the split times or the lap times of each round. The fastest time of each round is highlighted-

Lap times:


Split times:


Fastest rounds

Finally the fastest rounds tab gives you just that: the fastest rounds. You see the name of the stopwatch and the round number of the individual lap:


Go get this release now from the windows store:


Multi Timer BETA

The latest StopNow release (on Windows 10) has now a multi timer mode built-in (similar to the multi stopwatch mode). As with all the existing features the new mode is available from the start page:


In the multi timer you can create multiple countdown timers and start them in parallel. If you click / press on one timer you activate the edit mode in which you can:

  • Set the countdown duration
  • Set the timer name
  • Pick an individual symbol for the timer

multi alarm edit

If one of the countdowns ends you will get a notification, even when the app is no longer running.


You can add more timers or delete existing ones. If you accidentally delete one timer you can undo this from the appearing notification:


Get the latest release now from the Windows Store:

Multi Stopwatch Madness

StopNow Release 6.0 is now being deployed to the app stores and it brings some great enhancements to the multi stopwatch mode:

Named Stopwatches

Each Stopwatch entry can now be individually named. On a mobile device the rename functionality is available with a swipe right gesture:


On a desktop each stopwatch has a new edit button in the upper left corner:


Both will start the edit mode of the stopwatch where you can set the name.


If any of the stopwatches is a named stopwatch the export to CSV files or the “share lap times” function will share the name as well.


If you delete a stopwatch accidentally: don’t fear. You can now easily undo this (currently only on the desktop). After a stopwatch is deleted a small notification appears in the title area on top of the screen. From this notification it is possible to restore the deleted stopwatch:


Default Stopwatches

The stopwatches you create and name are now the default for your next StopNow session. When you start your favorite stopwatch next time your created stopwatches will welcome you back.

Get the latest release now from the app stores:

Delete StopWatches in Multi-Stopwatch mode

The latest release of StopNow allows for the deletion of stopwatches in the multi stopwatch mode.

On a mobile device this is possible with a touch gesture. Simply swipe to the left on a stopwatch entry to delete this stopwatch:


On a Windows 10 PC stopwatches have  a new delete button in the upper right corner:


Get the latest release now from the Windows Store:

Pin your favorite stopwatch mode to Start

In the latest release of StopNow on Windows 8 you can now pin your favorite stopwatch mode directly to the Windows Start page.

This is especially useful for users who frequently use one of the stopwatches. Let’s say you always use the lap timer. So instead of launching StopNow and navigating to the lap timer from the StopNow start page you can now launch directly into the lap timer from the Windows Start page.


You can do this for each of the available stopwatch modes:


More changes in version 4.1:

In the about screen and the live tile you can now see the latest updates from this blog (if an internet connection is available).

Get the latest version now from the Windows Store: